Fairy Name Spark Cup - Large

$29.99 USD
Type: cup

Cup holds 9 oz. of fluid.

Measures 3.5" tall and 3" diameter.

Size: Large

Lucky Cups are safe to put in the top rack of the dishwasher as well as the microwave.

A little info about the origin of the design: Cary had a studio in Bellingham about 10 years ago. It looked out over the Puget Sound. One day she looked out the window and imagined she saw a little chicken heading out to sea in her small wooden dinghy. She asked herself, "Where is that happy chicken going....?"
"Off to a place where the fairies know her name" popped into her head as the answer. 
Cary began drawing the chicken upon various animals...one cup had her traveling via swan boat. Since then, it has been her favorite mode of travel.

The Spark Cup Line is new from the Bowl Maker in 2022. The Spark Cups are Cary's painted poems upon a cup, with a bit of wonder and kindness stirred into the art for good measure. Just like prints of a painting, the cups that make up the Bowl Maker's Spark Cup line are faithful reproductions of Cary Lane's originals.

In the spirit of Charles DeLint's words, "touch magic, pass it on", Cary hopes her time in the realm of makers and poets, where she forges a bit of herself to the great body of collective work, is carried to you upon a cup. May whatever it stirs in you be passed on down the line.

About the Artist: Cary Lane is a dedicated studio artist, in love with a fisherman, mama bear to two young adults, living 100% off grid on solar and hydro power for 25 years, dog rescuer, neighbor to an elk herd that roams the foothills of Mount Baker in Washington State, owner and artist of The Bowl Maker company, too many personal and collaborative art projects to count and always one or two in the hopper, adding to the spark and passing it on, sharing wonder by the cupful.