Bath Bomb - Ocean Squishy Surprise

$9.99 USD
Type: Bath Fizzie
Color - Green

Bath Fizzies with Ocean Squishy Inside! These are the perfect gift!

* 18 Blind Box - 7.5oz avg, FULL COLOR BALL SHAPE (XL- Softball size fizzies)
* Hand Crafted in Small Batches - size can slightly vary
* 12 Different Squishy Surprises Inside (Random) (Starfish, Seahorse, Crab, Octopus, Whale, Puffer Fish, Goldfish, Stingray, Turtle & More)
* Pure & Safe Formula with Essential Oils
* Colors: Pink/White, Blue/White, Purple/White, Green/White, Orange/White & Teal/White
* Synthetic Free Scents: Pomegranate, Cloudberry, Blueberry, Pear, Mango & Coconut