Art Walk ~ Sun/UV Color Changing - Nail Polish

$14.99 USD
Type: Beauty

NEW type of color changing nail polish! UV reactive, so its a different color from when you are inside or outside in the sun!

Experience the magic of "Art Walk." Indoors, this polish showcases a funky neon yellow hue that radiates energy and excitement. Its vibrant shade is perfect for making a bold statement and adding a pop of color to your look. But step outside into the sunlight, and prepare to be amazed as the polish undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, revealing a lively bright burnt orange shade that embodies warmth and radiance.

To spice things up even more, "Art Walk" is infused with special sparkles suspended throughout the formula. These sparkles add a touch of playfulness to your manicure, catching the light and creating a dazzling effect that is sure to turn heads.