Summer is the time for STICKERS!!!

Summer is the time for STICKERS!!!

Summer is the time for STICKERS!!!

Ahhh, summer. It is when Rutherford Pool is open for business and friends meet for a beer at the Corner. Our evenings sparkle with lightning bugs and we relax a little to grab onto the slower joys like camping, walks around the neighborhood, and sitting in the sun with, perhaps, some snacks, and our sticker collection.

Summer is the PERFECT time to either, spend time with your sticker collection, or even better to START one! I am not talking about just kiddos here either. As some know, Unicorn Feed & Supply was inspired by my childhood sticker collection, which I kept during a mid-life massive downsizing. It continues to spark joy each time I look through it, and it sparked the journey of creating a fun way others could begin their own sticker collection! 

My childhood sticker keeper is entirely filled (of course), but my obsession with accumulating stickers has never waned, so I decided to treat myself to a NEW Sticker Keeper! I have to admit that I was totally THRILLED to have a clean, new assortment of pages and pockets with which I could begin filling with stickers I have collected during my travels (or when I spend any amount of time near our fabulous wall-o-stickers...I mean...come on). I have sticker sheets, puffy stickers, vinyl stickers, mini stickers, letter stickers....the list goes on, and feels SO GOOD to have a place to keep them, whether I decide to stick them to a page, or save them for another time (or a swap?) in one of the pockets, these Pipsticks Sticker Keepers have it all. 

So, if you are looking for a relaxing solitary activity to do this summer, or a fun way to spend time together with friends or a kiddo, I highly recommend treating yourself to some quality sticker collecting time. You might just convince some others to begin their own collection and begin a monthly swap!

We have several different sticker keeper designs, all of which include 

  • 1 - Adjustable D-ring binder with magnetic flap closure, 11" x 9" x 2" (closed)
  • 4 - Classic Sticker Pockets - built for our 4"x4" and fuzzy sticker sheets
  • 1 - Premium Sticker Pocket - built for our Big Puffies, Scratch n Sniff, Confetti, and Vinyls! 
  • 2 - Petite Sticker Pockets - built for our 2"x8", 3"x7", and Mini Sticker Sheets
  • 6 - Laminated Pages** - unique to this sticker keeper!
  • 2 - Simply Magnetic Sticker Pages 
  • 1 - XL Holographic Storage Pouch 

DON'T FORGET to spend a little time looking through our massive assortment of STICKERS. Which ones do you need in your life this summer? The new Hello Kitty collection? On that note, here are a few of my current FAVES:
All By My Shelf (combines two of my favorite things - sticker and books!)
Feather Your Nest (in celebration of the robin's nest outside my window)
Sipping Into Spring (although I tend to do the fruity sips in the summertime!)

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