Ursus DLux Polar Bear

$57.99 USD
by Douglas
Type: plushies

Full of curiosity and a love for snow and ice, you’ll find that Ursus the DLux Polar Bear stuffed animal is well suited to his arctic home! His white plush fur is thick and glossy and allows him to stay warm in subzero temperatures. And when Ursus wants to travel across the tundra or go for a swim in the frigid water, his big, floppy paws serve equally well as either snowshoes or paddles. Designed in a lifelike, seated pose, Ursus is a lovable Polar Bear cub with an irresistible, brown eyed expression. A soft, leatherette nose and airbrushed details put the finishing touches on his realistic appearance. Boasting the highest quality materials and careful attention to detail, this DLux plush Polar Bear is the ultimate in cuddly companions!

Additional information

Weight 24.2 oz
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 14 in

24 Months & Up


16" Tall


(41 cm)