Marquette - Nail Polish

$14.99 USD
Type: Beauty
“Leaves tumbled to life by brisk autumnal notes that roused them from slumber, requesting a last wistful dance before a wintry embrace would claim them.”
~ Unknown

Marquette is a gorgeous sparkling gun-metal gray nail polish, that implies an air of mystery and the unknown.

Northern Nail Polish uses the most natural, vegan ingredients known to form a long lasting, chip resistant nail polish that can be easily removed by our natural and nourishing soy-based polish remover. All polishes are 10-toxin-free, cruelty-free and vegan, and pigmented with minerals so they won’t leave stains on your nails after removal! I think people come back because of the quality. They buy it first because of the cute name or the color, but then they keep coming back because they love the long lasting finish, knowing they can wear nail polish without feeling like they are being exposed to harmful chemicals.